lördag 19 maj 2012

Canvas made with Nat

During the event Scrapbooking med hjärta that we hade in beginning of May (Scrap-Perra, Scrapgalen and Annelies & Mians Scrap & Pyssel together), I took classes with each of the amazing teachers that came to the event.

First I show you the Canvas I made with talented Nathalie Kalbach. Those of you who have looked at my blog during the winter have seen that I have taken online-classes with Nat regarding Gesso and Pan Pastel. And I can tell you, if you have the opportunity to take real classes with Nat or anyone, take the chance. IT IS SO FUN!!!!

Well, the class was to create a canvas with Gesso, stencils, Glimmer-products from Tattered Angels. We should take one black/white photo with us so I took one of my daughter.

First we should loan some stencils from Nat  and I took 4 different that I placed on different locations. One behind the photo, and one big in the corner, a butterfly above the photo and one swirls in the corner on the left side. Over the stencils you had a lot of gesso and while it was wet you placed metal items and cheesecloth in the gesso.

When it was dry (took a while...) I took three different colors of Glimmer Mist and Chalkboard and sprayed over the canvas.
Detail photos of the stencil but you can also see the stamped images that I stamped on tissue paper and then glued with mod podge.
Cheesecloth are fun to have in the gesso before it dries out and also metal of different kinds.
The stencils behind the photo made a perfect background.
Here you can see the final canvas and me together with the amazing Nat that I hope I will see again.
För er som inte orkar läsa på engelska... här är den Canvas som jag gjorde på en av kurserna på Scrapbooking med hjärta, Nathalie Kalback som kursledare. Jag har ju gått online kurser med henne i vintras men kan säga att det är sååå kul att gå en riktig kurs och få träffa henne i verkligheten.

Det vi skulle göra var att ha en canvas i botten, ta fram ett antal olika masker och sedan ha på gesso över maskerna. Medan det var blött så hade vi i lite metall, ostduk och dedan torka... och ha på Glimmer mister av olika slag.

Därefter fick vi stämpla på pappersnäsdukar och sedan ha på dem med hjälp av mod podge, försiktigt då glimmer misten reagerar på mod podge då den är vattenlöslig.

Det var hur kul som helst och det kommer bli fler canvas framöver!!!

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Annika sa...

Läcker! Så kul med klet och kladd!

Nathalie Kalbach sa...

I so love this- gorgeous canvas and it was so wonderful to have you :)